The guide books describe Costa Rica as the Switzerland of the Americas and state that is the only real democracy in the history of Latin America. You will read that the people are friendly, helpful, and almost everywhere you go someone speaks English , and that the country is safe. We are here to tell you that all the above is true BUT these explanations are not sufficient for you to plan your trip if you are a first time visitor or do not have a good command of the Spanish language.

The Costa Ricans are probably the friendliest people on earth, overly friendly when it comes to giving directions in a country where almost no road signs exist and the houses and offices do not have street numbers. The Costa Ricans rely on generalized directions instead of the specifics that most of you are used to in the developed world. While true that the first world exists in this mixture of first and third worlds, Costa Rica is uniquely different. One of the reasons for this is that approximately 10% of the population are from the United States, Canada, and Europe. They came and found that the tranquil life was better than the fast pace up north. One twenty year resident stated " I came with a round trip ticket and forgot to go back". While it is true that Costa Rica is safe, and has only a small fraction of the violent crime you find in the United States, you may get lost in the outlying areas without a guide. While this does not generally affect your safety, it will affect your ability to get the full picture of this one of a kind paradise which goes from lowland jungle to dry mountains to rain and cloud forests in the highlands.

The tours we recommend will give you the understanding of what you see and actually let you see what you came all this way for in comfort.

We recommend that you reserve the tours in advance for two reasons. It is almost a virtual certainty that a party of two reserved in advance will not get canceled whereas the last minute reservations for the next day might not find the tour operator with either a guide or a mini bus. You generally will get the best guides since they go to the advance reservations where the last minute tours get the leftovers. The other is that you probably will get the best form of transportation when the tour operator can match you with other advance reservations.


We also offer you a free guide to the best restaurants in Costa Rica with the use of our round trip transfer from the airport to your hotel which is only $20 for all San Jose hotels and most of those in the Central Valley. None of these restaurants pay us an advertising fee and we have personally eaten in all of them before our recommendation.

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