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 We give you two basic hotel classifications and from these you are able to determine the smallest details about the hotel you have interest in by clicking on their name. These two classifications are location and price.

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  By Location:


Over 5% of the worlds bio-diversity is contained in this tiny country which only makes up for 1/10 of 1% of the land mass on earth. Thus you are 50 times more likely to see the wonders of the natural world in Costa Rica than most other areas of the world. Except for downtown San Jose you are certain to see nature that you have never seen before. There is no where else on earth like this place.

Costa Rica is a combination of Tahiti, Northern California, Florida, New Zealand, the Amazon, Hawaii rolled up into an area 200 miles wide by 250 miles long. Just as the hotels differ in these different countries, the hotels differ in the following areas.

San José

 Central Valley and Metropolitan San José

Central Pacific 


 Caribbean Coast and Lowlands

Northern Zone

Southern Zone
  By Price:


Since it is difficult to find a double in this country under $25 that is both reliable and offers anything but the most basic of accommodations we start the prices as below showing room rates that allow two persons. We have avoided where possible any type of deceptive pricing such as per person rates that you often see with an asterisk and below you find the price is per person. The following are low season prices or the so called Green Season. Green Season is the six months when the rains return after the dry season that has almost no rain. In the Green Season there usually is no more than 2 hours a day in the afternoon but beware that certain areas really mean what they say when it says rain forest. We highly recommend that you consider visiting in the Green Season period from April 15 to November 30 for two major reasons, the flowers are simply sensational and the prices are lower.

$25 - $35

 $35 - $45

$45 - $55

 $55 - $65

 $65 - $75

$75 - $85

$85 - $95

 $95 - $105

 $105 - $115

 $115 - Above

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